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ALERT: THIS PROJECT IS NO LONGER ACTIVE. In its current state, it is not suitable for production use. The software was originally designed to be used by the company that I worked for, but the conversion was delayed and delayed until it just died. The software has known issues that would have to be addressed before being used in a production environment.

Project Description
Speed Test is a multi user test case management application designed for software testers. It is similar to TestLink, another open source app, but written for the desktop with reports provided via a Silverlight web app.
Speed Test is finally in Beta. Please post any issues with either the installation or the applications on the Issue Tracker page. Enjoy!
Reports screen shots

  • Speed Test PG
    • This is the main desktop applications that allows users to connect to the PostgreSQL database.
  • Speed Test Reports
    • Composed of a Silverlight GUI and a .NET web service as a backend, the reporting apps allow reports on any aspect of the system. This particular piece is fairly portable and could be used on almost any project to provide reporting.
  • Speed Test Report Designer (future)
    • The reporting app, while portable, does nothing to make report creation simpler. That is the function of this app. Eventually, this will be integrated with the Silverlight GUI, but is a .NET app for now.
  • Speed Test Server Setup
    • This is a simple wizard that was created to simplify setting up the server, including creating the databases and loading the necessary data, as well as installed all of the required components.

Desktop GUI - Runs faster and provides quick access to the most commonly used features.
Simplified and functioning Bulk Assignments
Full Text Search across all elements (Plans, cases, suites, attachments, results)
Drag and drop files or text
Execution History
XML Test Case Steps
Simplified entry in a list of steps, rather than a freeform text box.
Automatic numbering of steps and results
User Display Preferences
Test case library
Organized platform for future features
Separate reporting system
More detailed reports
Progress by Environment
Case assignments to multiple users

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