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Desktop Software:

  • .NET 3.5

Server Software

NOTE: The current installation will fail on versions prior to 8.4. An update will be release soon to allow it to be used on previous versions of PostgreSQL.
  • IIS (Internet Information Server)


Help File


Server Installation

  1. Install IIS if it's not already installed. Go to Control Panel->Add Remove Programs->Windows Components and select Internet Information Server. This should be done first so .NET will be properly registered with IIS.
  2. Download and install .NET 3.5
  3. Download and install PostgreSQL. Make note of the login information. It will be needed later.
  4. Set up PostgreSQL for remote access. See SpeedTestHelp.chm for instructions, or PostgreSQLRemote
  5. Run the SpeedTestServerSetup app. This application will create the master user account, the database and the tables. It will then populate the tables with basic information

Desktop Installation

  1. Download and install .NET 3.5
  2. Install SpeedTest.

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